Verden International 2015

With the summer show season in full swing, Verden International Dressage and Jumping Festival once again had to deliver yet another fantastic event. As to no surprise, the 2015 International Festival was incredible. As spectators poured through the event, crowds circled around equestrian and high street venders. From small pop-up boutiques to major brand names…. one thing was for certain, equestrian fashion showed up in highest form.

Editor IN Chief reminisces,
“When finally able to pull yourself away from the incredible clothing, one could swiftly scoop up a espresso paired with a delicate crepe and head to the warm up. As always the horse and rider combinations were stunning. Teams from Germany, The Netherlands and Norway anxiously looked on as their top combinations meticulously prepared for their tests. Once finally ringside… the crowd cheered and clapped as relieved, happy riders waved to the crowd and patted their horses with pride.”

Young horses both in jumping displayed unparalleled heart and stamina leaving crowds in utter awe. The event as always was spectacular and one that will always be an EQL. CO favorite.