The Silkhorse Style

Wrap yourself in luxe equestrian style by Parekh Bugbee. Beautiful equine design meets silky elegance to create the perfect statement accessory. This season wrap yourself in these gorgeous pieces. Paired with boots and breeches or white denim and blouse for evening… the skys the limit!

“SILKHORSE scarves combine exceptional quality and intricate detail with innovative representations of horses from ancient Hindu scripture and also 19th & 20th century illustrations of horses throughout America and Europe. Appealing to modern sensibilities yet still truly artisan-made, this equine scarf line not only succeeds as fashion but also imbues a spiritual energy that gives the wearer confidence to overcome obstacles that life may offer.

SILKHORSE scarf series merges East and West, modernity and tradition, technology and artisanship into one beautiful, powerful and dramatic line of scarves. A celebration of the exceptional equine spirit. Throughout the world’s various cultures, horses symbolize personal drive, passion and an appetite for freedom. The equine spirit can carry one through life.

Ethically crafted by hand, these scarves are printed via traditional silkscreen on pure twill silk by talented artisans in our family-owned and managed factory in India.” – Parekh Bugbee