FOR HORSE: Matchy Matchy With Lemieux

Breeches, boots, gloves, helmet…. all things which we think about when putting together our riding outfit of the day. But what about your partner? This week fall in love with the matching items put together by Le Mieux riding products. Available in a wide variety of textures and colors, Le Mieux riding products are our favorite equestrian accessory brand. Finding products that wear, feel, fit, look and wash well in the riding community are quite hard to come by. Many top brands are producing great products… however many times the price does not reflect the quality of the product.

With Le Mieux you can wash your equine items time after time and always know it will look as fresh as when purchased. From polos and fly bonnets, to saddle pads and girth covers… the Le Mieux range is equally extensive as it is impressive!
Le mieux riding products

Photo Credit: Le Mieux


Price: $128.00 * Individual items are sold separately as well*