STYLE ICON: Kathleen Keller

We see them in advertisements on TV, billboards, magazines and instagram. Street fashion models are simply everywhere. But what about the equestrian world? Are there equestrian style icons??? The answer…. undoubtedly yes! Without further adieu, we introduce Kathleen Keller equestrian fashion! Bold, elegant, sporty and fresh…Kathleen Keller’s equestrian fashion is simply addicting. As a high-level international dressage competitor, Kathleen Keller brings years of experience to the table while creating fun, fresh, flawless riding outfits.

Pictured here, Kathleen sporting yet another amazing look featuring Euro Star equestrian apparel. Looking for a pop of color to add to your look, but afraid of being too bold?! Check out Kathleen’s latest post about “When Grey Meets Violet”. Click here…to read more!

Kathleen Keller equestrian fashion Kathleen Keller equestrian fashion

Photo Credit: Kathleen Keller

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