EVENT: The 2017 Aintree Grand National

The infamous Aintree Grand National has once again stepped its way into the equestrian spotlight. As crowds of excited spectators fill the stadium, horse and rider combinations impatiently await the ring of the starting bell! Thunderous laughter and pops of champagne flood the event as colorful hats, dresses and accessories can’t help bur to demand ones immediate attention.

Although somewhat comical… the fashion @ The Aintree Grand National is both playful and classic. From those looking to make a subtle statement to others that well….. are looking to turn heads! The event has looks featuring an abundance of different tastes and fashions.

But on a more serious note. Horse and rider combinations must compete in what is referred to as a “hunt race”. This hunt race or more commonly known as , “steeple chase” is over 4 miles and 30 jumps! ¬†Clearly, this is not your average race. Speed and agility are tested to extremes as horse and rider combinations must focus on speed and ability to clear each fence.

Liz McClarnon

Event Rider Zara Phillips

Photo Credit: The Liverpool Echo

And the winner is…

Photo Credit: www.mirror.co.uk

With great anticipation the crowd awaits!

Photo Credit: www.mirror.co.uk

Photo Credit: www.mirror.co.uk