STABLE STYLE: Equestrian Enamel W/ Hampton Ivy

Looking to make an equestrian statement this spring? This Equestrian Enamel Hampton Ivy piece will instantly transform your  look. The Hampton Ivy Designs’ equestrian bangles. Classic preppy meets modern equestrian with these beautiful pieces. Whether you’re looking for a single statement piece or pieces to layer, Hampton Ivy Designs are simply perfect.

More about Hampton Ivy Designs…

“Hampton Ivy began in August of 2014, but the idea behind it has been developing in my mind far before then. Over the years my style has changed from one thing to the next. As I’ve matured, I’ve drawn inspiration from various well known style icons from the past and the present. Ralph Lauren, Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and everyone’s favorite today, Kate Middleton. These styles were first introduced to me through my grandparents and my mother, whose appreciation for traditional preppy clothing has always been evident in our home.”- Hampton Ivy

 Equestrian Enamel Hampton Ivy

 Equestrian Enamel Hampton Ivy


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