Divine In Da Da Paris

In 2012 the French brand, DA DA Sport made its way onto the equestrian fashion scene. With flattering design and attention to practicality, DA DA continues to create beautifully functional pieces for the everyday equestrian. DA DA Sport seeks to ” marry technical detail with elegance to wear on horseback.” -DA DA SPORT

Finding brands which truly are able to flawlessly blend elegance and practicality can quickly become an insurmountable task, although without a doubt this young brand has knocked it out of the park with their wonderful pieces. From breeches and sport tops, to down puffers and functional safe riding coats. Our favorite pick from the brand this fall has to be THE JUBILEE JACKET.

THE JUBILEE JACKET is a “Down jacket with snaps on the front. Slim fit. Sleeves and collar are knitted with alpaca wool. This jacket can be worn in mid-season, and under a coat during cold winter. Available in dark navy, light grey and blue-grey.”- DA DA SPORT dada sport imageda da sport productdadasport3981_copie

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