STABLE STYLE: Cavallo Candy Pro Grip Rv

Let’s face the facts…We all love them…. that one pair of absolute favorite breeches. Some so worn they have holes.. some with suede patches holding on for one last ride… belt loops that miiiiighttttt just be a bit too loose. Finally retiring your favorite pair of breeches can be a equestrian style heartbreak but…. we have a new pair of breeches by Cavallo that are just simply impossible to resist. The Cavallo Candy Pro Grip Rv breeches are one of the top breeches in the tech-grip genre. Although the price may be a bit intimidating… we assure you investing in a quality breech is something you will never regret.

The wear and washability of these breeches are fantastic. Featuring a comfortable stretch and a sleek grip seat these breeches keep you feeling your best in and out of the saddle. No need to worry about seams unraveling or zippers breaking with these breeches. The best in breech craftsmanship is what these breeches have to offer you the rider throughout your long equestrian days.



Cavallo Candy Pro Grip Rv Photo Credit: Cavallo

Our fabric 770 Micro Premium is everbody’s favorite. It is suitable as an all-season garment because it is absolutely quick dry, breathable and extremely hard-wearing. A true allrounder!CAVAGRIP is extremely ant-slip, stable and wear resistant. Due to punctual apllication on the fabric, the elasticity of the material will last. This leads to optimal hold in the saddle, high freedom of movement and maximal wearing comfort. -Cavallo

Cavallo Candy Grip Breech

Price: $349.95


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